Streamberry logo Streamberry is a website that provides a couple different chatting functionality options. The first one they call “Chatroulette”, which they name EXACTLY after the roulette webcam pioneer, but let’s be honest here the term “Chatroulette” is basically kind of like the term “Google” in the sense that people probably say “Chatroulette” when referring to random chatting more than actually saying “random chat” or something else, just like how people tend to say “Google it” instead of “search for it”. Anyway, the point is they do have your typical roulette-style chat option, and it’s pretty popular, both of which are great things to know if you’re considering giving them a try, which you can do by visiting Update: Site no longer exists.

As for the second option, they call it “live cams” and it is a flash-backed chat software platform that allows you to go between what looks like about 5 different rooms, and then allows you to watch other people’s live video feeds as well as run your own. The cool extra thing you can do is you can watch up to four different feeds of other people at the same time, and you can select where you want them to show up. So, you get four spots to place the four feeds, literally numbered 1,2,3,4 and then you can click on one of those numbers next to the feed you want to watch and the video feed will then show up right in the spot you want. Anyway, this functionality seems to be more focused on getting as many viewers as possible more so than having private conversations, so just be aware of that when you check it out.