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 Camzap is a popular Chatroulette alternative, that at least started out as an almost exact imitation. In terms of what it offers it still basically is an exact copy, but there is one distinct new feature they’ve added which I will get to later. You may be thinking, how can a copycat site become popular? It’s not like they invented anything new? Well, they did, and it seems to me a big part of the reason it worked out for them is they saw the opportunity and jumped in really early on, right after Chatroulette went viral. I’ve seen this same sort of marketing strategy utilized on Youtube viral videso all the time – people make parodies etc and whoever makes a decently good one the soonest gets the most attention. I guess a similar concept applies with viral websites.

Anyway, Camzap is definitely popular, as we’ve already established. It’s user base is a bit different from the average random roulette webcam chat site though. It seems to be a much more international visitor makeup, with oddly large concentrations from places like Iraq and Brazil. Granted, maybe Brazil isn’t so odd considering their massive population since some roulette site has to be their spot to be, but you get the idea. In any case, that one distinctive feature I alluded to earlier is their beta version. The link to it is a bit hard to spot, but it’s in the footer, and it takes you to a new page. On the new page you see the same old roulette setup, with one major different. There is user registration and an add to friends button you can use while playing cam roulette. This is definitely a nice extra feature to have. Visit this website at Update: Site no longer exists.