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 Omegle is actually responsible for originating the current concept of random chatting, not Chatroulette. The average person seems to think that Chatroulette was the first to invent the category, but in actuality, Omegle came out about a year and a half before Chatroulette ever existed! Crazy right? However, Omegle did not have the roulette video chat option, it was text-only, and it only added the webcam choice after Chatroulette garnered headlines and showed how much more popular the random chat concept could be with video streaming added to the mix. Thus, in a way, Omegle should be thankful for it’s new competition, because the competition brought more overall popularity to the niche itself, which then actually led to their current level of popularity which is actually WAY higher than it was pre-competition. Funny how that works.

In any case, let’s dive into the features. The basic offerings include the text-only version and the live cam version. Both are fast, clean, and easy to use. The text option actually also has an iPhone app to go with it, but no Android app like iMeetzu has. Then, on top of the app, the text version also has something called “spy mode”. In this mode you can pose a question and then “spy” on two people as they argue over the correct answer, or just start talking about something completely different, you never really know what they will do, and that makes it a much more intriguing feature. Finally, Omegle also offers the ability to specify interests and then be connected with others who also specify a similar interest. This is great because it can be a real time-saver if you’re looking to have a discussion with someone about a particular subject, or just to meet someone who you are more likely to have things in common with and thus have more immediate rapport. Like what you’ve heard? Visit the site at